Friday, June 26, 2015

P- The Prodigal Son Returns

Hey Friends!!
I know, I know, I know. You thought I died. You thought that I was kidnapped. You thought that Shelby was holding me prisoner like Kathy Bates in "Misery". Luckily, none of these things are true. Except that she IS my number one fan.

The thing is this- when I was dating someone, it didn't seem like there was much to write about. Who wants to read mundane details? "We  went to dinner and watched a movie". Great. We get it. Things are fine. But, after I got back from Europe, many moons ago, the thing with Carrot fizzled. Not in a bad way, just how those things go sometimes, you know? No hard feelings on my part and I assume the same for him. No need for details. It just didn't happen.

Since then, I, like Shelby, have been working my ass to the core! I didn't have time to date anyone, let alone pursue anyone, due to the fact that I worked 7 days a week, often leaving home at 8am and not returning until 10pm, when I had to throw together some grub, and prepare my lesson plans for the next day. I also felt gross. Out of shape, tired all the time... essentially, too fat to be fuckable. There, I said it.

But, that all changes now. Wednesday was my birthday! I'm 35, you guys. I know, no one believes it.... new "year" new attitude! I'm not working until the end of August (I got a new job!) and I have time for me! To get back into shape and lose 20 lbs, to read things aside from textbooks, to write and get back to performing, and to date. So far, I've done some sort of hike or distance walk every day except two. I'm already feeling better. As I start to feel good about myself, I'm ready to get back into the game. 

SOOOOOOO, you can all start coming through with some set-ups, suggestions, etc. I wouldn't mid a date with Christopher Rice (yes, Anne Rice's son) or Jaime Cepero (remember, he played that awful character Ellis on that awful show, "Smash")? But in the meantime, let it begin! 

I'm also hoping to finally meet and befriend Debbie Gibson, if anyone can help with that. I'm sure that she and I would get on really well. Seriously, I know that some of you have connections to her. If you can't find me love, at least find me Deb! It would be....out of the blue!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

S - Transitioning

Life is shifting. Can you feel it? We're moving into summer mentality which means more working out, sleeping, sunning, running, laughing, kissing, and falling in love. Even if it's temporary.

I love summer, and now that the school year is officially finished, I can enjoy my life. For a bit, at least. I accepted a summer gig for July, but no nights and weekends, so that's a big deal for me. I'm also taking ALL of August off, and I want to go somewhere, but where? Paris? Mexico? Hawaii? What's an independent gal about town supposed to do? Help me! #bragging

OK, so a few things. Fancy Face and I are coming to an end. He's moving. Again. But this time outside the city limits. Or he's just trying to shake me, and that's cool too. I hope to see him before he goes, but one never knows with these things.

OK, the next thing. I'm ready to get back out there FOR REAL, you guys. Fancy Face and I were great when the scheduling was intense, and we were both busy, and we had our own things happening, blah blah blah... But that's changing now, and I'm ready to take it to a different level. I mean, does that mean that I'll eventually be back here after some awful date saying that I hate everyone? Perhaps. But whatever. As an old friend of mine used to say, "Love. It's the only game in town."

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm really excited to start dating again. This is coming from a gal who detests dating, small talk, and shaking an unwanted suitor. But this race, which is really an odyssey at this point, has taught me a lot. I discussed this with my friend, Ruby, who is happily married with 2 kids. All she wants for me is to meet someone that I actually like. That's the kicker. I have to like him. I have learned a lot about myself and what it is I want in a partner from the men I have dated thus far. I feel like I'm approaching this race with a different perspective. Something has clicked inside of me, and I'm ready to take this revelation on the road. So let the games begin, my friends. Set me up. I'm ready to take it on. Cue exit music!

Everything about this video is sheer perfection. I'm pretty sure I own Rod Stewart's outfit and wore it out last Thursday night.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

S - The Recovery Process

Ladies and Gentleman, Paul and I have been to hell and back, and it ain't pretty. It's filled with copious amounts of traffic, studying for the Safavid Empire Test 4 times in a row, and way too many Gelson's artisanal sandwiches.

But guess what? We did it! Kind of. The end of the school year has many "lasts." There was the last day of classes (SFX: champagne corking), last day of finals (rosé champagne stage, and our current stage), last day of grading, and last day of meetings. So we're not "technically" out of the water, but school and tutoring are DONE!

Paul and I have both taken a beating from this lifestyle. He can fill you in on his woes, but I have been breaking out, and it's disgusting. Seriously, the whole left side of my face is covered in blemishes, and I just can't. I look like the lead dude in The Phantom of the Opera, but my mask is made of tiny pimples. I'm a hideous monster, and I slightly hate myself. I need a God damned vacation.

But you don't care about my pain and suffering. Let's talk about the mens. Fancy Face and I had the luxury of spending time with one another last weekend. I suggested we eat out this time. You know, see and be seen. It adds a je ne sais quoi to the evening, don't you think? Well, it did, indeed. We sat at a communal table and met two lovely 30 year-old gals who thought they were too old and wanted houses in the Palisades. God, I love LA!

We laughed, we drank, we shared plates... Great Saturday evening. I drove us back to his place. He moved, and the new place is ridiculously adorable. His kitchen is so big, and mine is so tiny. #jealous

Anyway, a gal can't tell all of her stories, but I had a lovely time with Fancy. He's a stand-up guy.

So, here's the deal. I feel like I look like a mom with zits. I need to spend some time on me. Yoga, veggies, sunlight, laughter... I NEED these things like Southern California needs the rain. I'm going to concentrate on that for a bit, and hopefully see Fancy when/if we can. It sounds super boring, but it's exactly what I need.

Until next time...