Monday, September 14, 2015

S - C'est Fini, Pour Moi

I have been so excited to write this post. I even had a dream about it. Paul and I had a candid conversation the other day, and we both agreed that we were not only cool with quitting the blog, we'd actually preferred to.

I've been over this endeavor for quite some time. Once again, I am reminded that while you are able to control many things in life, love is not one of them. I have gone out on a plethora of first dates, but I'm not enjoying the process at all. There are so many other things I'd rather do - read, write, look for blemishes in my magnifying mirror, watch the 3rd season of Sex and the City for the 14th time... You know, stuff.

I have also observed the world around me through clearer lenses. Yeah, I have a few friends in healthy, happy relationships, but I also have friends in not so great unions. The grass may always be greener, but you still  have to mow both sides.

Falling in love is also no longer on the top of my priority list. I'm way more interested in concentrating on my health, career, and happiness. A friend of mine told me that she is her best when she is in a relationship, and it got me to thinking. The truth of the matter is, I think I'm at my best when I'm single. I'm more creative, I eat better, drink less, and work out more. Now, that could also be because I haven't found the right guy who compliments my ways, but whatever.

So, this is a mic drop for ole Shelby Louise Stockton. It's been fun-ish. If you feel you'll miss me, may I suggest you keep tabs on the Desperately Seeking John Stamos blog? As soon as I'm cleared from this NDA, shit is about to get REAL!


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