Wednesday, April 15, 2015

S - 2fer

Apologies. My life is exceptionally too busy at the moment. It's a boring tale to tell, but it affects me in a major way. Subsequently, this hectic schedule has kept me away from the blogosphere. But whatever. Let's discuss dating.

Last week was a doozy, mostly because I was displaced. If you're not familiar with LA, it is divided into many different neighborhoods, sub-neighborhoods, and niche cliques. One such division is east side vs. west side. I'm an east side girl. A bit of an east side snob, as a matter of fact. I did, however, have the pleasure of house sitting on the west side last week, so that made my life a bit more challenging because I didn't have my stuff. I like having my stuff. I think many ladies do.

A friend of a friend wanted to set me up with her buddy who was a west side resident. My last night on the chillier side of town (It's by the ocean, so...) was Friday, so I thought it might be a good idea to meet said gentleman while I was on his turf. We met at a local bar. I'm rarely impressed with west side bars, and this was no exception. It wasn't West's fault (just decided on that moniker). He doesn't have much to choose from.

West is intelligent, polite, and way more mature than I am. He owns a house, wants a family, and drives an electric car. I cannot compete. Although we had an interesting conversation that involved politics and religion (oops), we had no sexual chemistry. However, he did drive me home so points there. The electric car drives like a dream.

The next day, I truck it back east and closer to Fancy Face. We decide to spend a quiet Saturday night at his place. He made me pizza with homemade dough. I was really impressed since my version of homemade pizza consists of Trader Joe's pre-made dough with Trader Joe's toppings. Fancy Face said he likes cooking for people, and luckily for him, I like being cooked for. #perfectcouple

It was a romantic and intimate evening. I got to know him and his negative nature a bit better. FF reminds me of a good friend of mine who can find the negativity in anything. Every cloud has a shit stain. I am completely opposite of this, so I'm usually fascinated with people who decide to sit in shit instead of focus on the good. I asked him why he does this, but he didn't have an answer. Thankfully, I find this behavior humorous, so it did not affect me.

We ended the night somewhat early because I had to work the next day because I work EVERY FUCKING DAY. Sorry, didn't mean to yell. I just really need some time off. FF and I are planning on seeing each other again, but due to our schedules, the world will most likely turn on its axis quite a few times before that happens.

And that's it folks. No love but a lovely time. To be honest, I think that's all I can deal with at the moment.

On a completely different note, something exciting is about to happen on the Desperately Seeking John Stamos blog. I can't talk about it yet, so I'll be super annoying with cryptic statements instead. As an apology, I offer this picture of me making out with a mall billboard.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

S - The Vacation is Over

Hi all. Sorry for the blog vacation, but since I was on REAL vacation, I thought, why the hell not. Spring Break was not exactly debaucherous, although there was one crazy night in NYC that landed us in a coffee bean plant in Red Hook at 4:30 am. Other than that, it was a lot of catching up on sleep, eating good food, yoga, and yes, even some work. (ABW - Always Be Working)

Fancy Face and I have not seen each other since our first date, but there has been a little communication. My NYC trek threw a wrench in seeing each other again right away, but we discussed getting together last Saturday. I had completely forgotten about Easter (I have no religious ties to this holiday, but it is an excuse to over consume), so I had to cancel. Paul and I hosted a brunch at our place, so I had to be in tip-top shape to eat too much lemon cake and eventually get very sick. He is risen! In my stomach.

Anyway, the good news is that FF and I are scheduled to see each other this Saturday, and guess what? I'm a little excited. True, I do not perceive this man to be Mr. Shelby Stockton, but he's fun, age appropriate, and nice to look at. Also, I have been out of the game for a couple of weeks, and girl needs to get her groove back. Okkkkaaaayyyyy???

Fill you in on the magic later. Paul may never join us again, so I'm thinking about renaming the blog "Shelby Cattin' Around Town."

BTW- If you find yourself in NYC between now and June 7th, may I suggest the Bjork exihbit at MoMa? True, it's a bit sparse, but her 10 minute diss video about her ex husband is well work it, in my humble opinion.