Tuesday, July 7, 2015

P- Game On

Well, he's back. He had a date last night. A cute gentleman contacted him on OKCupid, (literally ten minutes after he paid for Match.com) But, he, (I dont' know why I'm doing this third person.... I guess I'll switch back)...was into it.  It went well. Drinks. Dinner. Drinks. Conversation. All good.

Will this new gentleman be the new Mr. Case? Who knows? All I know is that I had a good night with good conversation and I'm totally open to date #2. The nice part is, coming off of this date, I've realized:

1. I've still got it.
2. If I never hear from this guy again, at least I had a good night.
3. If I do hear from him (which I have, and we've made no plans but we've been in conversation) I'm open to see what is next.
4. Everything's coming up.....

It's not all Shelby, you know...

(replace "roses" with "PAUL")

It's not an exciting post, but it's one to tell you, I'm still here, dammit!


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